Discipline – tips and tricks for perseverance


Discipline can on the one hand be acquired through a changed mindset and on the other hand there are of course also exciting tips and tricks. Therefore, our guest author Thomas Mangold will first show you some facts about discipline and then reveal 8 tips and tricks for more discipline.

Discipline is a matter of the mindset

Problem number 1 we have with discipline is that we constantly compare ourselves to others. “Everything flies to that and I have to toil and achieve a lot less!”, To use just one of the sentences I hear very often as an example.

The reason we think this way is because of the iceberg model. The fact is that we usually only see other people’s successes, but not the way to get there. We see how they are cheered, but not the discipline, risks, setbacks, doubts, perseverance, energy that this person had to invest in success.

What am I saying: Being disciplined is much harder when you are constantly comparing yourself to other people. Do the opposite and compare yourself to yourself! If you are just a little more disciplined each day than the day before, you will be successful and disciplined very quickly.

Another important point: Don’t ask for an extremely disciplined person overnight. That usually doesn’t work either. Every day a little more disciplined than the day before, that works much better and is also permanent!

Unfortunately, the importance of discipline is very often underestimated. Discipline is more important than IQ! Many people often think that they are too stupid for something, meanwhile they are just too undisciplined. There are tons of studies that show that high IQ has little to do with success. But what has a lot to do with success is willpower and perseverance, or in short, discipline!

8 tips for more discipline

If you have acquired the right mindset, this is the first important step. Of course there are also some tips and tricks that will help you to increase your discipline.

Intrinsic motivation

Do things that you love to do from the bottom of your heart and it will be much easier for you to motivate yourself. So listen much more to your inner self than to your environment or targeted marketing that is just trying to convince you.

Planning – list of next steps

The better and more precisely you plan your projects, the easier it will be with the discipline to implement them. Divide large projects into many small tasks and a lot will be much easier for you.

In addition, such a list of the next steps serves as a good orientation, because with it you always know where you are and how far away your goal is.

Reward yourself

Don’t forget to do something nice for yourself. Have you reached a major milestone? Then reward yourself. You should ideally set these rewards in advance, so that not only increases the anticipation but of course also the discipline.

Motivation = 1 picture + 1 statement

A vision board is great, but it doesn’t allow focus. If you have a big goal that you want to work on, then select a picture and a statement (quote or positive belief) that best describes this goal. Hang this picture where you will see it most often.

Done is better than perfect

Perfectionists believe that they are the most disciplined people on earth. But the exact opposite is the case! No one is perfect no matter how long you work on it. If you want to achieve your goals quickly, then you have the discipline to recognize when it is enough.

Pay attention to your biorhythm

No, don’t worry, it won’t get esoteric now, but just pay attention to the times of day at which your willpower and thus your discipline is highest. If you know this, then you can work through those tasks that require a great deal of discipline at precisely these times.

Publish your goals

There is hardly a stronger obligation than making your goals public. The more people learn about your goals, the more the obligation to meet them increases. After all, nobody likes to admit that they haven’t achieved their goals. And that’s exactly why the discipline with which you work on your tasks and goals increases. But be careful: If the pressure becomes too great, this can also become a problem.

Be undisciplined

Yeah, I’m serious. Nobody can be fully disciplined all the time – and that is not the aim of the matter. Bodybuilders, for example, are known for not only exercising in an extremely disciplined manner, but also for being at least as disciplined in their diet. After all, not a single gram of body fat should cover up the muscles.

But how do bodybuilders manage to be so damn disciplined? The answer is very simple: they work with a cheatday (a cheat day). One day a week you can lounge as much as you want and eat as much as you want. This day is negligible with a ratio of 6: 1 and helps you to be fully disciplined for the remaining 6 days.

So send your discipline into the break every now and then and go for a walk with your weaker self. But: It has to be planned and in the right proportion!

With the right mindset and these 8 tips, you will increase your discipline very quickly and thus achieve your goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.

I wish you all the best!

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