How to deal with stress – These 8 anti stress tips will help you with that

anti stress tips
  • Do you also feel stressed so often?
  • Do you want to keep all the balls up, but you can’t?
  • Do you want to learn how to deal with stress?
  • I give you 8 anti stress tips that can help you with that!

Today so much is required of us women. We tell ourselves to be a perfect mother and take good care of our children. Being a good partner and friend. We must have a job and be successful. But more and more women are struggling with stress and burnout. Time to do something about it!

Do you often feel stressed too? Do you react with irritation to your children or partner? Do you feel constantly tense?

Time to do something about it! To learn to deal with stress better with a number of practical anti-stress tips.

How do you get rid of stress?

As a woman you are often a perfectionist. You may be dealing with performance anxiety. You are afraid of losing control. Afraid of what others think about you. You want the best for your family and children.

You yourself need relaxation and rest, but your body and brain remain tense. You have your children around you who remain busy, so that peace and relaxation are hard to find.

Yet you can also learn to live more relaxed. But how do you deal with stress? And how do you get rid of stress?

Learn to relax again – practical relaxation exercises

It is important to learn to relax again. It is often difficult if you suffer from stress. Relaxation exercises are a good aid.

In my e-book managing stress you can read all about stress symptoms and find tips for dealing with stress. In addition, it contains 8 relaxation exercises that you can use yourself.

How to Deal With Stress – 8 Anti-Stress Tips

Reducing stress is the most important thing to do, and avoiding stress is the ultimate goal. But what helps against stress?

You can manage stress through stress management.
Below I give you 8 tips against stress and tension.
They are effective ways to reduce stress.

# 1 Write things down so you don’t forget

You are so busy sometimes. Then you no longer know what to do and you have completely lost the overview. You have to run the planning of the whole family.

Make sure to write down important things. That you have a good overview of what needs to be done and when. And don’t forget to schedule time for yourself!

Also write down the things that keep you busy. The things that keep haunting your head and keep calling for attention.

Often when you write down what keeps you busy and it is on paper or in a note in your phone, it is out of your mind.

# 2 Cut things out of your schedule that aren’t necessary and create peace of mind for yourself

If you have written everything you should be doing on your schedule, take a critical look at this. What are things you can cut out to help you get more rest?

You don’t have to do everything. You can choose to drop some things. The more rest you get, the better you will feel.

Also give yourself some rest when your children are not around. Do not immediately tidy up, clean and polish everything. Enjoy the peace and quiet around you. Allow yourself this time.

# 3 Stop multitasking 

Although it is sometimes still claimed, we women are not made to multitask. So don’t try to do as many things at once as possible.

Make sure you do 1 thing with your full attention. When you are busy with the children, give them your undivided attention. If you want to do something at home, do 1 thing at a time. Complete this and then move on to the next.

You will notice that you work much more effectively and that you are much calmer and happy as a result.

# 4 Let go of control and take life as it comes

You just don’t have everything under control and you shouldn’t want to. Especially with children, something unexpected often comes your way.

This is not bad. That’s part of it. Take life as it comes and enjoy the little unexpected things that come your way. Let go of control!

# 5 Do what you enjoy

You don’t have to ignore yourself all the time. You are important. If you do the things that make you happy, your family will be happy too.

No more looking for excuses, but really do what YOU want and enjoy it. Take time for yourself. You can recharge from that.

# 6 Surround yourself with positive people and stop with the people who drain your energy

Sometimes you have people around you who only cost you for energy and which no longer give you satisfaction. We often find it difficult to let go of these people.

Stop the energy suckers! Instead, you ensure that you have more contact with people who provide you with energy. People who have a positive outlook on life.

# 7 Yoga against stress

Yoga is very effective against stress. It helps you to stop your thoughts for a while by working with your body.

And it helps you relax your muscles. You can also do Yoga very easily at home with online Yoga classes.  

# 8 Enjoy life!

Don’t be so serious and enjoy your life more.

Live your life now. At the end of life, don’t regret the things you didn’t do but would have loved to do.

Another super good anti stress tip – Do breathing exercises against stress

When you feel stressed, it is very effective to do breathing exercises.

Sit somewhere quiet. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Let go of your thoughts for a moment. All you do is focus on your breath.

How your body moves up and down when you breathe in and out. Feel your body more relaxed with each exhalation. Release all tension and stress as you exhale.

Keep this up for a few minutes.

If your thoughts wander too much, it is also effective to count your breath. If your focus is on your breathing and counting, other thoughts are less likely to crop up.

Meditation music can help you to relax even further during your breathing exercises.

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