Would you like to get in touch? Then we would have found the right candidate for you with Isle of Mind. The multifunctional towels made from recycled PET bottles by the Munich label * Isle of Mind accompany us not only on trips, but also to the beach or yoga. How the pretty shawls are made and what they have to do with love, joy and happiness.

We hardly believe our eyes when we look at the annual consumption of plastic bottles in Germany. 16.4 billion ?! A little fun fact on the side, but unfortunately it’s not that funny: If you stacked these 16.4 billion bottles on top of each other, they would reach 14 times from the earth to the moon, pretty hard, right?
This is what the Isle of Mind label thought and is doing its part to fight against plastic pollution by making a multifunctional towel from eight PET bottles.

Isle of Mind – from PET bottles to sustainable towels

This is how it works: First, certified bottles are collected and then separated from the lids and labels. After that, they are cleaned and cut into small pieces. These are heated and melted into small pellets. The pellets are then processed into high-quality yarns and thus form the basis for your bath towel. The recycled yarn is certified by the international Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and was classified as harmless in the pollutant test.

Real mood makers

My mood ring used to show me how I felt right now – dark blue for love or turquoise for serenity. The rings have long since passed from my jewelry box. From now on, my towel conveys my mood, because every multifunctional towel from Isle of Mind is linked to a state of mind. If you meet me on the beach now, the colors pink and lilac will now stand for simplicity.
What about you: love, joy, happiness or intuition – what do you want to tell the world?

For the label, however, not only these values ​​are sufficient as an important part of its message, but also a holistic sustainable production, in which the ecological footprint is to be kept as low as possible. The materials that are used for production comply with the Global Recycled Standards (GRS) . The packaging and the shipping box are also 100% recycled. To help protect the oceans, rivers and lakes, Isle of Mind donates € 0.50 to the Surfrider Foundation with every order .

Like all synthetic fibers, the best way to wash your Isle of Mind towel is with a Guppyfriend Washing Bag * . This catches potential microplastic particles and you can dispose of them with household waste. In this way we help prevent more microplastics from ending up in our groundwater and ultimately back on our heads via the rain. PS You can buy the Guppyfriend wash bag in the shop of sale of Mind .

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