Make money with Pinterest – With these 3 simple ways you can make money with Pinterest

Make money with Pinterest

Are you a blogger or online entrepreneur and just getting started on Pinterest?
Or do you doubt whether Pinterest is a useful medium to invest (more) time and energy?
Let me clear your doubts: Pinterest can make money.
Even without your own website you can make money with Pinterest.

Have you become curious? In this blog I explain how you can make money with Pinterest, especially with affiliate marketing.


  • 1 Three ways to make money with Pinterest
  • 2  
  • 3 1. Promote businesses on Pinterest
  • 4 2. Promote your own products and services on Pinterest
  • 5 3. Affiliate marketing on Pinterest
    • 5.1 Don’t become a spammer
    • 5.2 Consider your reader’s expectation
    • 5.3 Affiliate Program Consent
    • 5.4 Stay within your niche
  • 6 Pinterest affiliate marketing: 5 useful tips
    • 6.1 1. Test what works and what doesn’t
    • 6.2 2. Give a good description
    • 6.3 3. What can you promote?
    • 6.4 4. Which affiliate links?
    • 6.5 5. Use Tailwind
  • 7 Getting Started With Affiliate Links On Pinterest!
    • 7.1 You may also find this interesting

Three ways to make money with Pinterest

Roughly speaking, there are three ways to make money with Pinterest, namely:

  1. Promote businesses on Pinterest
  2. Promote your own products and services on Pinterest
  3. Affiliate marketing on Pinterest

The different ways have advantages and disadvantages. I’m going to explain all three for you in a minute, but I can already tell you that I myself am enthusiastic about making money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing. I will therefore elaborate on this. I’ll explain why this is the best way to make money and how you can do it.

Are you not yet familiar with Pinterest, or are you not sure how to use Pinterest for your blog or online business? Soon I will publish an extensive blog with an explanation about Pinterest for online entrepreneurs (and lots of tips for more visitors via Pinterest).Sign up and receive the ebook for free Make money online: For more freedom in your life!First Name*E-mail*Yes, send me the ebook!


1. Promote businesses on Pinterest

Other companies are happy to pay high-reach bloggers on Pinterest to promote their brand or product. You can approach companies yourself, but if your reach is growing nicely, you can also be approached by marketers.

The disadvantage of this revenue model is that you must already have a large number of followers. Think of a few thousand loyal followers and a large reach. It is also a huge advantage if you are in a clear niche.

2. Promote your own products and services on Pinterest

You can of course also bring your own products and services to the attention via Pinterest. For example, if you sell online courses and workshops, or offer freelance services, you can create Pins that point directly to your service pages.

You can also promote your products and services indirectly, for example by giving away ‘freebies’ or organizing competitions. This way you increase your brand awareness and collect e-mail addresses so that you can sell your products and services through e-mail marketing. This way you can earn money indirectly on Pinterest.

The disadvantage of this strategy is that you do have to develop your own products or services. The advantage is that you are completely your own boss and are not dependent on marketers and other companies. You can also collect passive income this way.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest

Followers on Pinterest click on a pin image and thus end up on your website (on a blog or sales page for your new product or service). But you can also add affiliate links to your pins. If visitors click through, they will end up on a webshop, for example, or on the sales page of a product of another blogger for which you are an affiliate.

Not sure what affiliate marketing is yet? First read this blog about earning money with affiliate marketing .

By posting affiliate links you don’t even have to have your own website or blog. After all, you link to a webs hop or other website. Starting affiliate marketing on Pinterest is therefore a good way to earn money online if you don’t have a blog (yet), or are a starting blogger.

One of my pins with an affiliate link to an online self-confidence course.

Whether it works depends very much on your target audience and niche. For instance. Are you a lifestyle mom blogger and do you regularly pin baby products that you find super useful or beautiful? Then it is certainly a good idea to add an affiliate link here. In the description you indicate that you think it is a super nice product, and why, and that’s it. Other pinners place the pin on their board, hopefully click through and a cookie is placed. This way you can easily earn money through Pinterest.

Enthusiastic? There are a number of points that you must take into account.

Don’t become a spammer

In the past, Pinterest didn’t allow affiliate links to be posted behind your Pins. It was seen as spam. It is now allowed because Pinterest has a better algorithm and (real) spammers filter out more easily.

However, it still regularly happens that an ordinary blogger or entrepreneur is still classified as a spammer. And then the consequence is not wrong: your account can be blocked and it is difficult to recover from it. Prevention is therefore better than cure.

How do you avoid becoming a spammer?

  • Don’t just pin affiliate links, but also links to your own website.
  • Also re-pin relevant Pins from other bloggers.
  • Put in your affiliate pin that it is an affiliate link, for example #affiliate

Consider your reader’s expectation

When creating your pin images, do you always wonder what is the reader’s expectation? . Does someone click on your pin and does he expect to end up immediately on the product page of, for example, or does he first expect to read a blog post about that product on your website?

Therefore, make sure that your pin image and description match your affiliate link. Manage visitor expectations. So do not add “review”, because then you will mislead your visitor.

Think about this before you post an affiliate link behind all your pins, because if your followers and visitors start to get annoyed by your affiliate links, you will not earn anything.

Affiliate Program Consent

Another important point: not all affiliate programs allow you to use affiliate links via social media and Pinterest. So check this first with the conditions of the affiliate program!

With the popular affiliate program of, it is allowed to place affiliate links on Pinterest, but three criteria apply:

  • You must be registered with the affiliate program.
  • Your Pinterest account must have at least 500 followers.
  • The article you link to must match your Pinterest account and pin image.

Stay within your niche

You can throw full affiliate links around in the hope that the cookies will stick and make you money. But this is a short-term strategy. Whether affiliate marketing through Pinterest works in the long run depends on your niche. If you have a fashion blog, it makes no sense to post affiliate links from holiday homes or group trips. You are a fashion expert (it is even better if you choose a more specific niche, but for this example ‘fashion’ is fine). Your readers follow your Pinterest account because they are interested in fashion, so they also expect you to promote products that fall within this niche. After all, that is what you know a lot about. Deviating from your niche once is really no problem, but don’t do it too often.

Pinterest affiliate marketing: 5 useful tips

Before you start with affiliate marketing on Pinterest, I have 5 useful tips for you below.

1. Test what works and what doesn’t

Regularly test which strategy does and does not work. For example, create two types of Pins:

  1. pins with a link to your own blog with a review of product x (which of course also includes an affiliate link!);
  2. pins with an affiliate link to a webshop of the same product.

It is a time-consuming job, and you also need a lot of patience because the results sometimes take months to arrive, but after, for example, a month and after three months you can already draw some conclusions: with which type of pin you earn Lake?

This way you get to know your target group well and you ultimately know what an efficient way of earning money with Pinterest. If you earn (much) less through the review blog than through the direct affiliate links (or vice versa), then you do not have to put in extra time and energy.

2. Give a good description

Of course you make a beautiful pin (vertical, with a clear font and catchy image). Also think of a good description. Not only is this good for your SEO on Pinterest (Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media channel), but such a clear description also ensures that readers click through.

My popular affiliate pin for an online course on affiliate marketing

3. What can you promote?

The possibilities are endless, but to give you an idea, here are some rough ideas:

  • Mamabloggers: children’s clothing, toys and snacks
  • Food bloggers: kitchen appliances, cookbooks and bio food
  • Fashion bloggers: shoes, clothing and accessories
  • Blogging Bloggers: Online blogging courses, blogging books, tools and WordPress themes.

4. Which affiliate links?

You might immediately have tons of ideas about affiliate links to post on Pinterest, but if you don’t have an idea yet, check out the following affiliate programs:

  • Daisycon
  • TradeTracker
  • Tradedoubler
  • Awin (formerly Zanox)

These are affiliate networks that web shops and companies can join. You register with these networks, but then you also have to register for the specific (relevant!) Affiliate programs of web shops, brands and companies. Once approved, you can create and post affiliate links. Pay attention to the conditions that some affiliate programs set.

You also have Paypro. Here you will mainly find online courses and e-books that you can promote as an affiliate.

In addition to these networks, you can also register directly with the affiliate programs of companies and brands, such as and

Other bloggers and online entrepreneurs who sell products and services often also have an affiliate program.

5. Use Tailwind

If you want to earn serious money with Pinterest, you can hardly ignore it: Tailwind. Tailwind is the tool to automatically share your pins. It saves you a lot of time and it prevents you from coming across as spams to your followers and fellow group board users.

Get started with affiliate links on Pinterest!

In this blog, I told you about three ways to make money with Pinterest. As you have noticed, I am a big fan of affiliate marketing on Pinterest. You can get started with affiliate links if you don’t have your own website (yet), or if you’ve just started blogging. But as an established blogger with a large reach on Pinterest, you can of course also start creating affiliate pins. Certainly do!

Do you already have experience with affiliate marketing on Pinterest? Or with other ways of making money with Pinterest? I’d love to hear from you in a comment below.

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