Motorola Moto G9 Play

Moto G9 Play

Motorola has a prominent presence in the entry-level and mid-range phones, where the One and G Series can suit every taste and meet almost any need. And that’s exactly what the new Moto G9 Play model offers, which offers a great price-performance ratio and has all the essentials – excellent battery life, a large display, a good camera and, most importantly, a murderously low price. You can get this model with a starting price of only CZK 4,990, which is really worth a mouthful today.

Moto G9 Play :- Design

Make no mistake, the all-plastic Motorola G9 Play is one big and heavy phone, but it is surprisingly comfortable to hold. Distinctive edges help to achieve the best possible grip and a non-curved back is a welcome change. This model also comes with basic class features such as a 3.5mm headphone jack or a physical fingerprint sensor built into the back of the phone under the Moto Batwing logo. Moto G9 Play also has a basic water-repellent layer, but don’t rely on it too much and don’t soak the phone.

One of the design features that stands out is the dedicated Google Assistant button directly above the volume change button. In general, this is a great idea, but if you hold the phone in one hand, you can hardly reach the button. It would be better if Motorola placed them below.


Moto G9 Play : – Display

As can be expected from a basic class device, the Moto G9 Play display is not very good. The 6.5-inch LCD screen is large enough, but its 720 x 1600 pixel resolution is no longer so great. The biggest problem here is color reproduction – it is a lifeless cold display, which will not save even the dedicated Boosted mode.


The main camera of the Motorola G9 Play is a 48MP wide-angle unit with its own 2MP macro and depth sensors that surround it. In 99% of cases, you will only use the primary camera, and fortunately it is not even half bad. Of course, a secondary telephoto lens or ultra-wide angle camera would be a better choice for the device, but the photos are still very detailed, with acceptable dynamic range and color reproduction. Colors look less vivid than in real life, which is a problem with a macro camera – so no matter how beautiful you see a flower, your photo will hardly be just as impressive. What’s more, autofocus has problems with such shots, and the macro shot is almost always blurred. In poor lighting conditions, the images look good, but you need to turn on Night Vision mode.

On the front of the phone is an 8MP selfie camera that produces good detailed pictures


Hardware and performance

The Motorola G9 Play comes with a mid-range Snapdragon 662 processor that runs well and doesn’t have to work hard until you try to play challenging 3D games. If you use your device more sparingly, such as browsing the web, watching YouTube videos, or checking your worksheets on Google Spreadsheets, your device will work more than well. 4 GB of RAM ensures fast and smooth application switching.

In terms of storage space, the Moto G9 Play offers 64 GB of internal storage, which is more than enough for such a device, however, for those who happen to need more space, there is a microSD card slot.

Moto G9 Play :- Battery

The battery in Moto G9 Play is a real star of today’s show and easily it’s the biggest advantage of the phone. Its 5,000 mAh capacity gives you up to two full days of normal use.

When tested, it lasted 11 hours of watching videos on YouTube and almost 6 and a half hours of playing 3D games, which are impressive results, although the same cannot be said about the charging speed – you charge the phone from 0 to 100% in two and a half hours.

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