online Work :- Do you spend so much time online too? We at take a look behind the scenes of blogs, Facebook and Twitter and show you who is responsible for crisp content and order in the online world !

Jobs 2.0: We make the Internet

Social Media Manager, Corporate Blogger, Community Manager, Social Media Editor; It doesn’t sound bad, but what is actually behind it? There are many new, modern professions in the media industry that most people are not familiar with. You enjoy the fruits of your labor every day while surfing the net. High time to familiarize yourself with Jobs 2.0.

Social media manager

Social media managers have the task of filling their platform with life. Whether it’s a new forum or a new community, the page has to be filled with content and users. A social media manager plans the marketing strategy, develops and creates new entries and recruits relevant

Corporate blogger

As a corporate blogger, you run a company blog , decide which topics are relevant , do research, write blog entries and respond to comments. A good writing style, a willingness to communicate and quick-wittedness are particularly important for this. The aim is to represent the company in a serious and personable way on the Internet and to keep in contact with the target group. 

Community manager

The job of the community manager is to ensure satisfaction and order in the network community. Taking care of the community includes moderating, mediating in the event of a dispute and answering members’ questions and requests competently. But also suggesting new topics or actions is part of the everyday life of this job 2.0.

Social media editor

The task of the social media editor is to present a company on many different social media channels. These include profiles on Facebook and Twitter, blogs and YouTube . The social media editor ensures that all company activities are presented uniformly across all channels and is responsible for maintaining the content. Familiarity with the different platforms and good communication skills are top priorities for the job.

online Work :- How do you get one of the Jobs 2.0?

There is still no proper training for these professions. There is also no typical career path. Newcomers are welcome in the industry, passion and an affinity for the Internet are of course required.

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