Positive thinking – 7 tips to get that done

Positive thinking

Positive people are happier, more sociable, more successful and live longer.
If you think positively you feel much better about yourself.
Time to learn the power of positive thinking!

All well and good that positive thinking. But how should that be if you are not feeling well at all. You only see the bad things in your life and are anything but positive at the moment.

In this blog you can read 7 tips that will help you to start thinking positively so that you will feel good again.

Power of positive thinking

Everyone views things differently. Good and bad is a judgment that you give yourself. It’s relative. What you think is good someone else might think bad. It depends from which perspective you look.

In fact, good or bad does not exist at all. Things are alone, without judgment. The judgment good or bad is something that goes on in your mind. A judgment that you yourself depend on something. Which is different for everyone.

Every person has determined his own standards and values. Decides for himself what he thinks is good or bad. It is your own belief. And that is where the power of positive thinking lies.

Secret  of positive thinking

But then what is the secret to positive thinking?

Knowing that it is your own belief and you determine whether you think something is good or bad indicates that you can also change that image. You can change how you look at things. Whether you think something is good or bad. You view something positive or negative

You can change your perspective. By changing things in your life, your view of the world can also change. It’s that simple.

You can decide for yourself how you think about something. You’re the one who judges something. You are the one who decides whether you think something is good or bad. It all happens in your mind.

So whether you think something is good or bad is entirely up to you and no one else. You choose to judge an event as good or bad. You choose whether you believe in your dream life or not.

How does positive thinking work?

Your head is a big storage place. Comparable to a large hard disk. You save events with the judgment you give them. The next time you have a similar event, the hard disk will be searched for the saved previous event and called up with the saved judgment.

Things are stored on this hard drive that went very well. Which gave you a positive feeling. What made you happy.

But things are also stored that did not go well. What you didn’t feel good about. That caused you fear. Negative thoughts.

How can you learn to think positively?

Now your question may be “How can I think positively? How do you learn to think positively? “

It may be different for you to start thinking positively. Because the vast majority of people live from fear and negativity, they will not understand you and you will be different from the people around you. This will not always feel good.

Negative people think that positive people live in a dream world. That what they think has nothing to do with reality. That their negative thoughts are reality.

But reality does not exist. Reality is personal. Your reality is different from anyone else’s reality. Your dream life can become your reality just as much as the life you are living now.

How do you stay positive?

How do I stay positive when people don’t understand? How can you continue to think positively? The answer is simple. Think positive! Let go of what others think of you.

Positive living brings so many benefits that it is more than worth doing. You will feel happier and happier. Have more success. It gives you confidence in the future, even if you find yourself in a more difficult situation. You can help yourself through that by having a positive attitude towards life.

Positive energy lets you live from love. It makes you creative. Inspires you. Let yourself be shared with others. Make you grateful for what you do have. Everything becomes so much better when you have a positive attitude towards life! And positivity is spreading.

You can become more positive by focusing on the things that are going well in your life. Pay attention to your positive thoughts. Think extra about the things that are going well. Every day, consciously reflect on what went well that day and what you are grateful for. Enjoy it and celebrate the successes. This way you ensure that this is stored in your brain. If you then come into a comparable situation, this is the feeling that is evoked.

You can train yourself to be positive. To always be able to get something positive out of everything. So you can have a better life. 

Positive thinking exercise

When you feel negative thoughts coming up, there is one very important thing you can do that will help immediately. Focus on happy positive things.

Think of something fun that you recently experienced. Think of something in your life that makes you happy. About something fun that you will soon be doing. Something that gives you energy or someone that makes you happy. You think of a good quality of yourself or of something that you are proud of.

These thoughts are the only ones that count. Focus all your attention on that.

Listen to music that makes you happy or call someone who always makes you feel good. Do something you enjoy. It cannot help but make you feel better. Don’t sit in your head.

Tips for positive thinking

With these 7 tips to think positively you will change your view of the world.


You smile when you like something. But if you just put a smile on your lips, it sends a signal to your brain that changes your mood. It is also infectious for other people. You also make other people happy when you smile!

– Seek relaxation

To get rid of the stress and tension from your life, it is essential to relax. Do something you enjoy. Doing things you enjoy makes you feel a lot better. Take care of yourself. 

– Look for the positive in every event and enjoy the little things

Every event also has a positive side. Even if the event seems so unpleasant. If you take a good look at it, you can always get something positive out of it. You always learn something from it and it brings you what you need.  Enjoy the little things around you.

– Change your view of the world

The news is based on everything that is wrong and going wrong in the world. It tells about the misery that is going on. Do you ever see something positive in the news? There are plenty of positive good things happening in the world, but they often don’t make the news.

Forget about the news a bit more often and look for something positive. A Ted talk, motivational video or an inspiring documentary.

– Pay attention to the things that are going well

Don’t dwell too long on the things that went wrong. On the other hand, pay a lot of attention to the things that are going well. By paying attention to these things you end up in a positive upward spiral. Instead of being sucked down by that negative spiral. At the end of each day, write down at least 5 things you are grateful for that day.

– Be aware that it is your thoughts

They are your thoughts and not someone else’s. Sometimes you think other people think all kinds of things about you, but that’s not true at all. You can change your thoughts. Let go of the fear and negativity. Feel it and pay no further attention to it. Look at the positive and fun things around you. Enjoy and appreciate it.

– Be nice to others and to yourself

It’s easy to criticize and judge others and yourself. But this says more about you and your negativity. Stop it. Be nice to everyone, including yourself. Or maybe for yourself. Because if you are nice to yourself you can be nice to others. And then they will be this for you too.

Staying positive is a choice

It sounds easy and it is actually quite easy. Positive thoughts are a choice you have. A choice that you can make every time.

So consciously choose only positive thoughts. Catch yourself with negative thoughts and turn them into something positive. You can always find a downside to a negative thought or event. You always have the choice to change things.

So don’t get stuck in negativity, fear and uncertainty. That only creates stress. Learn to think positively. Choose a happy, successful, cheerful and social life.

Make a conscious choice for positive thoughts with every event. Focus on the things that are going well. Look further at options that you do have. Enjoy the little things around you.

Negative thoughts are not bad. It is what it is and they are of no help. If you know that they are not helping you further and you are aware of it, you are already a long way.

Make sure to change your mind. That you get something positive out of every event, no matter how bad it seems for you. Then you will start to think differently and live differently. You will have more confidence in life, experience more peace and be more positive.

Positive thinking is important

Today it seems like everything is based on fear. Everyone scares each other. The government is participating nicely. The world seems to end.

You will be warned everywhere. Nothing is possible without someone pointing out the things that might go wrong. We live in a world based on fear.

It is therefore not surprising that so many people go along with this fear and negative thoughts. Because when was the last time you saw something positive in the news?

It is time for more people to think differently. That a bit of positivity is brought into the world again. That we are all going to make the world a little more beautiful again. That we start to see the value of positive thinking.

Changing your life

You will feel happier when you view things that happen to you with a positive outlook. If something happens that you experience as unpleasant or bad, do not pay too much attention to it. Do not let yourself be drawn into the negative spiral anymore.

Make sure you look for solutions for such things. See the options you do have, instead of the things you don’t. Take the opportunities you get. Never let negative thoughts take over.

With every thought, ask yourself if it comes from fear or trust. The thoughts that arise from fear let them fall away from you. Don’t let them rule your life. Because who says it is true?

If your thought comes from trust and love, give it the space to grow. Let it become a positive spiral that will bring you all kinds of beautiful things.

Focus on the positive things in your life and see how it is going to change your life. How beautiful it will be!

Positive life starts with you

It is important for yourself and your environment to be positive. If you are positive, it not only results in a positive life for yourself, but also for the people around you. Those people around you who pick up your positive thoughts pass it on to the people around them. It goes on and on. That makes the world a bit more beautiful.

So relax yourself. Smile at everyone you meet. Laugh more. Focus on all the things that are going well in your life. Be grateful every day. Only listen to the thoughts that make you more powerful. Then you help yourself to a happier life and ultimately the people around you.

Start today and start enjoying your life! Start with the positive thinking tips.

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