Realme 7 Pro: This smartphone costs only 300 euros and is better than some top models

Realme 7 Pro can definitely impress. Realme mainly adorns itself with the Sony IMX682 sensor

How much do you actually have to spend on a good smartphone? 500, 800 or even 1,000 euros? The Realme 7 Pro costs just 299 euros and can beat top-class models for many features. The test shows where the smartphone surprises.

Realme is still largely unknown in Germany. Not surprising, the brand was only founded two years ago. Like Oppo, Vivo or OnePlus, it belongs to BBK Electronics. Like all daughters of the Chinese electronics giant, Realme is also expanding and is one of the fastest growing smartphone manufacturers in the world.

The first Realme models have also been available in Germany since 2020. This includes, for example, the X3 SuperZoom, which surprised us in several places in the test. With the Realme 7 Pro, another smartphone follows that, with good equipment, wants to find as many buyers as possible at a comparatively low price of around 300 euros. But what can the device do particularly well? And can it even compete with expensive top-of-the-range models in some areas?

If you take a look at the data sheet, the Realme 7 Pro impresses right away. A good processor, enough RAM and a Super AMOLED display with full HD resolution. In addition, there is a quad camera equipment, a fingerprint sensor under the display and a 65 W fast charging function, which should bring the battery from 0 to 100 percent within 34 minutes. So far, it sounds like a really good smartphone – especially when you keep the price in mind.

If you dive a little deeper, however, a few weak points become apparent that are not immediately apparent at first glance. For example, the Realme 7 Pro is not waterproof, offers neither 5G nor a 90 Hz display. In addition, the software is at the level of August in terms of security. Even if the battery capacity of 4,500 mAh sounds promising, it is only average in everyday life. Here is the evaluation of the individual categories:

Case: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Display: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Equipment: 4 out of 5 stars
Camera: 4 out of 5 stars
Software: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Battery: 3 out of 5 stars
→ Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Realme 7 Pro :- DESIGN

For those who don’t care for technical data, the design of the smartphone comes to the fore. And this is where the Realme 7 Pro can really surprise. Above all, the matte back looks great. It is a bit unusual that the volume buttons can be found on the left edge of the case. But you quickly get used to it in everyday life. With its curves and despite the large 6.4-inch display, the Realme 7 Pro sits comfortably in the hand. The only flaw: the display bezel, i.e. the transition from the frame to the screen, has an unattractive and noticeable step. You notice this again and again when you use gestures to control the smartphone and swipe from the left or right to the center of the display to take a step back. The thumb is slowed down


Realme 7 Pro ,

If you look at the bare numbers, the camera of the Realme 7 Pro can definitely impress. Realme mainly adorns itself with the Sony IMX682 sensor. The details of the individual modules are as follows:

Main camera: 64 megapixels, 26 mm focal length, aperture f / 1.8
Ultra wide angle camera: 8 megapixels, 16 mm focal length, 119 ° field of view, aperture f / 2.3
Macro camera: close focus 4 cm, aperture f / 2.4
Depth sensor
Selfie camera: 32 megapixels, 85 ° field of view, aperture f / 2.5
But how can these figures be translated when it comes to visible results in the form of photos? If you are looking for a smartphone with which you can take sensational macro shots, you will find it with the Realme 7 Pro. Details and sharpness are just as impressive as the close focus limit. So you can approach the subject up to a few centimeters and get a great image of reality. Another discipline in which the smartphone delivers first-class images concerns the front camera. With or without HDR function, with or without bokeh: Selfies that you take with the Realme 7 Pro are sharp and have great colors. The night function also received a lot of praise.

But there is also criticism. The wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras still deliver acceptable photos in daylight. In interior rooms, however, color noise is quickly added, details are lost and the sharpness drops significantly. It’s a shame that despite so many cameras on the back, there is no telephoto lens on board. This means that the two and five times zoom is exclusively digital.

If you like to make videos, you have to do without optical image stabilizers. The electronic image stabilization does not keep up with somewhat faster pans, and unsightly blurred images of the subject arise. In addition, the electronic image stabilization fails completely at full HD resolution with 60 frames per second. So here you need a very steady hand. Then it’s better to set the image quality to 4K.


As mentioned at the beginning, the battery life is average. If you want, you can make ends meet for a day. The large and high-resolution display as well as the processor, which is no longer completely fresh, consume a lot of the battery. In addition, Realme promises a full charge from 0 to 100 percent in 34 minutes. In the test, however, this statement was exposed as a lie. The battery fills up quickly, but it takes almost an hour to reach its full capacity. After all, the jump from 0 to 72 percent was achieved in 30 minutes.


The sound that the two speakers carry to the outside, however, can be heard. At least in terms of volume. When you turn it up, the speakers roar in your ear. But the bass doesn’t really come through. If you turn it all the way up, the sound quality decreases even further and there is a rattle here and there. However, if you only watch videos on YouTube occasionally, the speakers deliver a good performance.


The Realme 7 Pro is better than some top models in some disciplines. This includes the macro camera, for example, with which very nice close-ups are possible. The selfie camera is in no way inferior to it. The display is also great for such a cheap smartphone. It is true that the refresh rate is not as high as in the new upper-class models. But that hardly matters. In addition, the Snapdragon processor is no longer the latest, but it is definitely sufficient in everyday life.

It is a pity that the Realme 7 Pro does not have a real telecamera and the user is only offered a digital zoom. In addition, we would have expected a better runtime from a 4,500 mAh battery. As far as the software is concerned, it is up to date with Andorid 10. And your own user interface also looks fresh. However, at the time of testing, the security patch is in August – that is clearly too old.

Good display, even without a high refresh rate
Quickly charged despite too many promises
Macro and selfie cameras stand out
Space for 2 SIM cards and a microSD
Great value for money
Main and ultra wide angle cameras could be better
Telephoto lens is missing, so zoom only digital
Software too old in terms of security
Battery life just average
No 5G
Not waterproof

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