Stress Resistance – 10 Tips That Help You Reduce Stress

Stress Resistance
  • You know it. Stress is unhealthy.
  • You become less happy when you have more stress.
  • Is your stress resistance not that high?
  • Do you want to know how you can ensure that you experience less stress?
  • I give you 10 that will help you reduce stress

Okay, you are stressed. Your stress resistance is not as high as you thought. It’s time to do something about it. But what can you do against stress? How can you reduce stress?

You are very busy and keep flying from one thing to the other. Time to hit the brakes. To think about yourself. It is no longer like that. You will be hurt if you continue like this.

I am going to give you a number of tips that combat stress. So that you have an answer to the question ‘How can I reduce stress?’

Become more stress resistant by allowing less stress into your life

Increasing your stress resistance does not necessarily mean that you allow more stress into your life. That will eventually become too much for you.

It is a better idea to become more stress resistant by allowing less stress into your life and relaxing more often.

Relaxation exercises can reduce stress

A good aid to reduce your stress is to do relaxation exercises. These help to relax you and let go of the stress for a while.

In my e-book you can find the mastery of stress, in addition to information about stress symptoms and tips for dealing with stress, you will find 8 relaxation exercises that you can use yourself.

Increase stress resistance – 10 tips to reduce stress

It is very important to reduce your stress. That you increase your stress resistance by ensuring that you have less stress.

These 10 tips will help you reduce stress.

# 1 Exercise reduces stress

Movement has been proven to be an effective means of calming your mind. Relaxation through exercise. Choose something that suits you: go for a dance, go for a run or take a walk after dinner against stress. Really try to clear your mind.

So get moving and exercising. When you exercise, serotonin and endorphins are released into your body. Fine counterparts of cortisol. Serotonin and endorphins make you feel happy and happy.

Very nice to start moving when you have stress. This allows you to reduce the stress hormone and in its place you produce hormones that make you happy and happy.

You can also clear your mind during exercise. Don’t think about all the things that still have to be done, but wonderfully mindful sports.

# 2 Get rid of stress by sleeping

You rest from sleep. It gives your body the opportunity to recover.
A good night’s sleep increases your concentration, improves your mood and improves your overall health.

Getting enough sleep is very important to you and is often underestimated. Especially when you are stressed by the enormous amount of things you still have to do and you keep going, you often don’t get enough sleep.

# 3 Me time and relax

It’s not for nothing that magazines are full of tips for taking me-time more often. Especially in a busy period, it is so incredibly important that you take a break and also make time for the things that make you very happy. For example, treat yourself to that one good book or let yourself be pampered at the hairdresser.

Schedule daily moments to consciously relax. Read in a book. Have a cup of tea. Take a walk. Enjoy the sun in the garden.

By scheduling these small relaxation moments a few times a day, you will enjoy life more. This way the stress in your body can decrease and it does not accumulate so high.

# 4 Make time consciously for the people you really care about

Social contacts are very important. Good friends can give you new energy or give you practical advice if you don’t see it yourself. Make time for the people you really care about and just dare to say no to others.

# 5 Literally stand still (or sit)

Silence your phone (or better yet, put it out of reach), sit quietly and stare in front of you for five minutes. Try to be in the here and now, to calm your raging thoughts. Basically a kind of meditation. If you dare and / or like it, you can also find various meditations on YouTube to participate. After such a rest session you often see more clearly what still needs to be done.

# 6 Make a list

And make no mistake: a list can also be stressful if it gets too long. That is why you first write everything down and then you set priorities. Everything that really cannot wait a day gets a 1, the rest 2 (less urgent) or 3 (can – so to speak – still happen in a year’s time). All 1’s are for today, you can move the rest if you don’t feel like it anymore. Be kind to yourself! You cannot plan everything in one day. But also force yourself to take on the less fun chores!

# 7 Supplement vitamins

When your body is stressed, you consume more important vitamins and minerals more quickly. Especially vitamin B, Vitamin C, magnesium and calcium are used extra by your body when you are under stress. Make sure that there are no deficiencies of these vitamins. Eat a healthy diet or take a good multivitamin supplement to make up for the deficiencies.

# 8 Eat healthy

Mens sana in corpore sano – the Romans already knew: a healthy mind belongs in a healthy body. We may all recognize that you skip lunch because you don’t really think you have time. And a quick biscuit instead of a piece of fruit.

Because stress affects your hormone balance, you will get extra cravings for sweets. You are more likely to reach for unhealthy snacks. Or to an easy meal, because you don’t have time to cook.

Make sure you still make time to eat healthy. Feed your body with real food instead of unhealthy things that are useless.

Perhaps this point is obvious (after all, we all know how important healthy eating is), but at the same time there is often still room for improvement. So get rid of the fast sugars and get more vitamin and mineral rich foods at home

You immediately replenish your vitamins. Two birds with one stone!

# 9 Let herbs lend you a hand

How do you think they all used to do that? There was of course much less stress, but Mother Nature also helped out. Why not use that advantage now? There are a few very simple things that can help you.

Valerian is a good herb for stress relief. There are many products at every pharmacy and drugstore over the counter with valerian in it.

Chamomile also has a relaxing effect on your body. So feel free to have a cup of chamomile tea. Green tea gives birth to L-theanine which can help relax your brain.

There are many more herbs that have a positive effect on your body, including Ginseng, Basil and Ginger.
Enjoy a cup of fresh mint tea with ginger!

# 10 Reward yourself

For example, if you have met that one deadline or successfully completed an intensive job, you can reward yourself for it. Choose an activity that lets you relax and try to leave the outstanding tasks for tomorrow.

Bonus tip

Your thoughts about stress can stress you even more than the stress itself. If you worry too much about stress, it will only bother you more.

Make sure you accept it if it all gets too much for you. Do not attach a negative charge, but be okay with it for a while. From accepting the situation as it is now, you can start changing so that you will have less stress.

Give yourself time to tackle your stress tolerance

Reducing stress does not happen overnight. Really give yourself the rest in between that you need. This allows your body and brain to recover and reduce tension and the stress hormone.

So now take a deep breath and relax your body. From now on you will enjoy your life!

Completely stress-free living. Is that possible?

Is it possible to stop experiencing stress at all? To live completely stress-free?

Avoiding stress remains very difficult. After all, there will always be moments in your life where everything seems to come together and you feel overflowing.

But in general, you can largely ward off stress by planning better and applying the above tips against stress to get more self-conscious. Because everything also stands and falls with the amount of energy you have and how you feel. 

When you have sleep deprivation, lack of vitamins and constantly keep on combining work / family / social life in the same way, there may come a time when you get completely stuck. Then you are a lot further from home.

It is therefore very important for yourself (and your environment) that you intervene in time and take a step back.

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