Successfully starting your own business – This is why you as a mom want to be successful in business and work from home

  • Do you always have the feeling that you keep all the balls in the air?
  • Do you have trouble combining work and child?
  • Do you want to experience more freedom and would you like to know how to start your own business from home?
  • How do you start with this whole entrepreneurial idea?
  • And how can you do business successfully as a mom?

Everywhere on the internet you will find everything about practical matters to start your own business. I too will briefly discuss a number of practical steps.

But I’m also going to bring something completely different to your attention. Something that is just as important. Curious about how you can ensure a successful company? Then read on


  • 1 Start something for yourself
  • 2 Becoming self-employed – How to start a business
  • 3 1. Successfully starting your own business – Why become an entrepreneur?
  • 4 2. Starting your own business, but where? – Starting your own business ideas
  • 5 3. Own business ideas – Who is your ideal customer
  • 6 Homework for mothers – Starting your own business from home
  • 7 Starting entrepreneur tips – How to start a business
  • 8 Step-by-step plan to start your own business in 5 steps – It can be that simple!
    • 8.1 1. Come up with a name
    • 8.2 2. Choose your legal form
    • 8.3 3. Make a business plan
    • 8.4 4. Starting your own company Chamber of Commerce
    • 8.5 5. Finding customers or clients
  • 9 Starting Your Own Business Without Money – Can you start a business without money?
  • 10 Part-time entrepreneurship – Starting your own business next to your job
  • 11 Combining motherhood and work
  • 12 Successful entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship is one big learning experience
    • 12.1 You may also find this interesting

Start something for yourself

Why should you start your own business as a busy mother? I can think of enough good reasons why you want to start a business!

– You want to combine work and child
– You want to earn more than you currently earn in paid employment
– You want to get rid of the dilemma ‘My child is sick and I have to work’
– Or you just have a very cool product or service that you would like to sell

No matter what the reason, starting as a self-employed person is exciting. Fortunately, you don’t have to go ice overnight. Most starting entrepreneurs do not. You can prepare well.

Becoming self-employed – How to start a business

Before you can start a business, there are 3 very important steps you must take. Below I will go through them with you.

1. Successfully starting your own business – Why become an entrepreneur?

Realize that the single most important driver of your company is going to be your ‘why’. Your why gives you direction. Your why tells you what you want to achieve. What your ultimate goal is for what you do it all for.

Because it is your primary motivation, you need to know this exactly. Not vague and superficial, because then you might give up at the first setback.

So get started with this before you start. Why do you want to become an entrepreneur. Why do you want to work as an independent entrepreneur? What is your biggest motive?

Put this on paper for yourself. Check back regularly. Make decisions based on these drivers.

2. Starting your own business, but where? – Starting your own business ideas

Do you already have an idea what you would like to offer if you start your own company?
Is that a product that you miss in daily life and want to develop?
A hole in the market? Is there something you can make yourself very well? For example, original hair bands for children or beautifully handmade pottery.
Are you very good at something? For example managing and managing social media channels?

Also take the time to think carefully about this. Put all the ideas you have on paper and work from there.

What else can you do besides managing social media channels?
What do you like?
What is a need for in the market?

This will eventually lead to a lot of ideas that you can use to further develop your product or service into a fully-fledged company. Realize that this is the most important step, because everything starts with an idea.

3. Own business ideas – Who is your ideal customer

Now that you know why you want to become an entrepreneur and what you want to do, it is important to think about who your ideal customer is.

What are the interests and character traits of your ideal customer?
What is your ideal customer concerned about?
What kind of dreams and desires does your ideal customer have?
What would the life of your ideal customer look like after they bought your product or service?

Make a profile of your ideal customer so that you know exactly who you want to help. You cannot help everyone at once and you don’t have to. Become an expert in your own niche. 

Homework for Moms – Starting your own business from home

In this day and age it is easier than ever to start your own business. The advent of the internet has opened up a world of possibilities to work where and when you want.

Starting an online business from home has never been easier.

Would you like to read more about online entrepreneurship and how you can earn money through the internet? 

Or sign up below for my e-book Make money online: For more freedom in your life! Sign up and receive the eBook for free Make money online: For more freedom in your life! First Name*E-mail*Yes, send me the eBook!

Starting entrepreneur tips – How to start a business

Okay, as a starting entrepreneur you have already taken 2 important steps. You know why you want to start something for yourself and what you are going to do.

But there is still more to do. You will have to go through several more steps to set up your business.

Step-by-step plan to start your own business in 5 steps – It can be that simple!

Setting up your own company and working as a freelancer – it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. With these 5 simple steps you can do it in no time.

1. Come up with a name

Now that you know what you want to do, there is also a suitable name. And coming up with a suitable name is not always easy. Provide a good catchy name that is easy to remember for your customers and that covers what you do.

2. Choose your legal form

Before you can go to the Chamber of Commerce, you have to think about which legal form you choose. Here at the Chamber of Commerce’s business square you will find an overview of all legal forms. Most starting entrepreneurs choose to start as a sole proprietorship, but take a good look at what suits you.

Under the article Irene gave a valuable response that I would like to add: If you want to inform yourself extensively about the correct legal form, it is wise to go to the notary. For a sole proprietorship it is all quite clear. There is a lot to consider with other legal forms.

3. Make a business plan

You write down your entrepreneurial objectives in your business plan. You can make your business plan as simple or comprehensive as you want.

It’s good to have one, even though you might dread writing it. It gives you direction to achieve your goals.

Here on the site I’m going to start you will find an example of a business plan.

4. Start your own company at Chamber of Commerce

If you want to become self-employed and set up your own company, you will have to register with the Chamber of Commerce. Read more about registering with the Chamber of Commerce and answers to frequently asked questions here.

5. Finding customers or clients

Now that you have started your own company, it is important to find customers or clients. You must become visible to your customers or clients. This can be done in various ways and depends on the company you have.

Consider having a website. Business Facebook page. A business Linked In profile. An Instagram account. Or Pinterest.

With these 5 steps you have very easily set up your own company and you can get started for the real work. On the site I’m going to start you will find a lot more information that can help you start your company.

Starting Your Own Business Without Money – Can you start a business without money?

You may wonder whether it is possible to start your own business without money. Because you don’t have that much money to invest yourself.

It depends on what kind of business you want to start or whether you have to make large investments. It really does not necessarily have to be large amounts.

For example, if you are very good at organizing and keeping records, you can offer this as a service to busy entrepreneurs. Then you can already start with a basic website, a Facebook and LinkedIn company page and your own computer. If you are handy, you can even build your website yourself in WordPress.

If you have a good plan that does require an investment, you can make an appointment with your bank or start a crowdfunding campaign to collect the desired investment.

Part-time entrepreneurship – Starting your own business next to your job

Starting a business can be very scary. You give up the security of a permanent job and are dependent on the income from your company.

As an entrepreneur you never have 100% certainty of your income. You may not know in advance exactly how many customers or clients you have.

You can also choose to start your own company in addition to your job. To already set the foundation while you also have the certainty of your income. So that you can continue to take good care of your family.

This way you can start your own business from home. Partly working for yourself and if you have more certainty about the income that you will get from your company, you can go for it fully and quit your job.

Combining motherhood and work

When you decide to start as a self-employed person or to work from home as an entrepreneur, you have to think about how you will combine this with motherhood and your family. Are your children going to school? Then you work, for example, when they are at school and you have time in the afternoon for play dates, swimming lessons and sports.

Are your kids younger? Then you may be able to work if they take an afternoon nap or if they go to playgroup. Agree with yourself when you work. Grab your agenda and take a critical look at which moments you have time to work.

For example, get up at 6:00 a.m. every day and then work an hour before the rest of the family wakes up. You win 5 hours a week with that. Choose a number of fixed evenings during the week in which you work on your company for a number of hours. Believe me, if you really want to, you have more time than you think! When you have agreed to work with yourself, do not let your household distract you. You plan that at a different time and perhaps your partner can relieve you of that.

It was only when both my children were ill that I really felt the freedom that entrepreneurship gives you. Not having to think about who would take care of them. Who would use a day off. Just being there for them felt so good. I made up for the hours I couldn’t work during the day in the evening.

No one who says anything about that when you are your own boss.

Successful entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship is one big learning experience

Entrepreneurship is going to teach you so much. About yourself. About what is important to you. About what you do and don’t want.

Just like motherhood, entrepreneurship is one big learning experience. It’s fun and exciting at the same time. It challenges you to go outside of your comfort zone.

To do things you have never done before.

You will make mistakes and learn from them. Every entrepreneur makes mistakes. That’s okay, as long as you learn from it.

But entrepreneurship also yields a lot. Lots of freedom. Much in the field of personal development. It is wonderful to be able to determine for yourself when you work. Never worry about who takes care of the children again. Ideal for combining work and family.

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