Want to earn money online? With these 7 options you will succeed!

earn money online

Do you want to work where and when you want?
On your own terms?
Get a nice salary?
Does making money on the internet seem like something to you?
I’ll share the 7 best ways to make money online!

You want more freedom in your life. Being able to work where and when you want. On your terms and when it suits you.

At least this is part of my dream life! But there must also be bread on the table. Money will have to come in to pay your regular costs, get the groceries and live well.

A paid job often does not give you much freedom to organize your days yourself. Or being able to work where and when you want. With a paid job you are often expected somewhere and you are expected to work within certain times.

How can you get the freedom in your life to be able to work where and when you want? And get a nice salary? Earning online?


  • 1 Do you want to earn money through the internet?
  • 2 What are the 7 best options for making money online?
  • 3 # 1. Become a virtual assistant
  • 4 # 2. Become a blogger
  • 5 # 3. Create an affiliate marketing website
  • 6 # 4. Become an online coach
  • 7 # 5. Learn to invest
  • 8 # 6. Start your own e-commerce business
  • 9 # 7. Start your own social media agency
  • 10 How will you make money on the internet?
  • 11 Online entrepreneur or employee what do you prefer?
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Do you want to earn money through the internet?

The Internet has a lot to offer these days. How often are you on the internet yourself? How often do you look up something? Or do you buy something online instead of going to a store? You can find everything and buy everything on the internet. Endless pages with information, courses to learn things, web shops, books.

The fact that you can find it all there and buy everything online means that as an entrepreneur with the internet you also have a lot of possibilities. You can use that if you would like more freedom in your life. If you would like to be someone who decides for yourself when you work. He himself determines where you do that work. Who wants to earn money with the internet.

I will tell you more about the, in my opinion, 7 best options with which you can start making real money online. No tips like ‘go and fill out online surveys’. Because that takes a lot of time and does not help much. Not things resembling a pyramid game. And they are also not options with which to make money super fast online without having to do something for it.

Do you want to learn everything about this? Read my e-book Make money onlineSign up and receive the ebook for free Make money online: For more freedom in your life!First Name*E-mail*Yes, send me the ebook!

What are the 7 best options for making money online?

First of all, by earning money through the internet, I don’t mean a few bucks. But a full salary. Of which you can simply pay your fixed costs and your groceries. Where you can also save money to do something fun. And if you do it right you can even make a lot of money.

These 7 ways to earn money online can give you a full salary.

# 1. Become a virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant you are an assistant to entrepreneurs. You are just not present at the business of the relevant entrepreneur, but you work remotely.

A virtual assistant is often seen as a remote secretary or personal assistant. As someone who checks the schedule, does email and calendar management or does the accounting.

But it is much more than that! As a virtual assistant you can specialize in everything you can use to help other entrepreneurs remotely. With all kinds of work.

What can you do as a Virtual assistant?

Consider, for example, managing social media. Help with SEO. Email marketing. Telephone services. Build websites. Graphic design. You can help with ordering office supplies. Planning business trips. Order groceries. To organize events. Customer contact.
Here you can read 100 things you can do as a VA . Can you get inspiration and see if there is something for you.

You can decide for yourself where you do this work. Whether you are sitting at the kitchen table, in a flexible workplace or on the other side of the world at the pool. You can do your work as a VA all online.

It depends a bit on the assignments you do how much freedom you have in determining when you work. If you choose to take up the telephone service and customer contact, you are more tied to certain working hours than, for example, managing social media or taking on the e-mail marketing.

So choose what suits you and the freedom you want.

What is the hourly wage of a Virtual assistant?

There are foreign SAs who work for very low hourly wages. Some entrepreneurs choose this because it is nice and cheap. But there are also entrepreneurs who would like to work with a Dutch SA, so that the language is not a barrier. And because they want good quality.

The hourly wage of a good Dutch VA is between € 45 – € 60 per hour.
With this you can easily ensure that you receive a nice salary every month.

# 2. Become a blogger


Do you like to write? Would you like to share your story with other people? Inspire other people? Help other people?

Then think about becoming a professional blogger . As a blogger you can go in any direction and you have many options.

How can you earn money as a blogger?

As a blogger, you can opt for different revenue models.

  • You can choose to make money with Google AdSense . If your readers click on an ad on your site, you earn money with it. You get paid for it per click.
  • Choose to create your own online courses or write an e-book that your readers can buy from you. The readers are therefore your customers. You can make them into your fans so that they want to buy from you.
  • You can write paid guest blogs or sponsor blogs  . This can be done directly through companies, but also through intermediary agencies such as link pizza or blog me. You will then be paid for the blog you wrote.
  • You can also use affiliate marketing on your blog. By promoting products of others. If your readers buy this product via your link, you will receive commission on it. Handy for promoting products that fit your blog and incorporating them in your blogs. It costs your readers nothing extra to buy via your affiliate link.

For affiliate marketing you can sign up for the partner program of bol.com, coolblue, AWIN, Daisycon or Paypro.

As a blogger you have plenty of options. For example, you can also organize paid events for your readers yourself.

# 3. Create an affiliate marketing website

You just read that you can apply affiliate marketing as a blogger, but you can also choose to set up an affiliate website and blog about the topic that your affiliate website is about. Exactly the reverse order.

Your affiliate website is really completely focused on the affiliate product or affiliate service that you offer there. For example the site

Would you like to set up an affiliate site? But don’t know where to start? I myself did the affiliate marketing revolution course This is highly recommended! Videos show you exactly what to do. I wrote a review about it here that you can read here .

Not everyone who creates an affiliate website is successful. It takes a lot of time, work and patience. But if you know to continue this, it will be rewarded. Look at Jacko, his goal was to earn at least € 7500 a month, but now he is well over that every month (see the photo of his Polypro balance below)

# 4. Become an online coach

Would you like to help and coach people? Do you now have an offline coaching practice? You can also use your coaching qualities via the internet. Through online programs or courses. Contact with your customers via Skype.

As a coach, the online world is at your feet. You can easily convert your services into an online service. So that you not only reach the people near you, but can reach everyone.

The online coaches are sprouting like mushrooms. Not everyone has a good online program and will make money from it.

But if you as a coach have unwise good qualities, you know how to set up a very valuable online program and reach your customers, you can earn a very good monthly salary as an online coach.

# 5. Learn to invest

You can also invest as a day trader.

Wikipedia says the following about day trading: “Day trading is the act of buying and selling securities on the exchange to take advantage of price fluctuations during the trading day. All open positions are closed before the end of the trading day, so that no risks are run after close. So new positions are taken every day. ”

There is a lot to learn about day trading via Google. 

You can create a trial account via plus500 to practice. This is a free account where you supposedly get an amount that you can bet on the exchange. You can follow the fair and try out how it works. You can also see whether you have a profit or a loss. Can learn about buying and selling. All this before you start betting real money.

To be able to really learn day trading well and to keep a close eye on the stock markets, it takes a lot of time behind the laptop. To really learn and keep track of what the market is doing, you have to keep an eye on it. I do believe that if you really study it, you really learn it well and you stick to your investment strategy that you can then ensure a good monthly salary. But it certainly also entails a risk that you should be aware of. If you really start, only start with money that you can spare.

# 6. Start your own e-commerce business

Everyone knows them. The web shops. To earn money online you can also start 1.
You can then easily determine where you work.

It depends on how much freedom you want to have. If you just want to live in the Netherlands in a permanent place, you can easily set up a normal webshop. You can then have your belongings in stock and arrange for them to be sent. You can therefore easily go on holiday a few times a year and inform your customers about this. Or ensure that you arrange someone else to send the items for you.

But what if you want to have the freedom to come and go wherever you want? Going to live abroad. Travel around. Commuting between abroad and the Netherlands.

Even then you can sell your stuff online via a platform such as Bol or Amazone. You buy products that you want to sell or make your own stuff. You ensure that this is stored at bol.com and that they send it for you when something is ordered.

Additional advantages are that you do not have to have stock yourself, you do not have to send the items yourself and you do not have to look for customers yourself. This way you have complete freedom to go and be where you want.

In my opinion it is also a very good way to ensure a good monthly salary.

Looking for someone who can teach you everything about setting up an e-commerce business? : The 5 simple steps to set up a profitable webs hop even if you have no knowledge or experience. Here Jia introduces you to the basics of e-commerce.

# 7. Start your own social media agency

Every entrepreneur wants his Facebooks and Instagram ads to deliver the maximum. Companies spend a lot of money to make their ads profitable. 

And this is where you can help them. You can earn money by setting up profitable advertisements for other companies. They pay you money to set up these campaigns. And in return, you ensure that they get new customers so that the ads bring them more than it costs them.

Companies often have good money to set up these campaigns. 

Now you may think “I can’t, because I have no knowledge of that”. But the great thing is that you can easily gain more knowledge about this!
Click here and follow the free training: How to start an online social media marketing agency even if you do not yet have knowledge or experience of Mitchell Wierman. In this free training Mitchell shares with you his mournful formula that helped him set up his multi-million dollar business.

How will you make money on the internet?

You have plenty of options to earn your money online. So that you have the freedom you are looking for. You can start living your dream life.

Of course there are many more ways to make money online, but I think these 6 ways are really good ways to provide yourself with a good monthly salary. You will have to work hard for it, but if you are willing to do so, a world is open to you. They are not ways to make quick money online without having to do something for it.

Some of these ways will eventually give you passive income. For other ways, you have to be there and work your hours for the money you earn. But they are all going to ensure that you have freedom and can start living your dream life!

Online entrepreneur or employee what do you prefer?

Being an entrepreneur is very different from paid employment. Where you receive the same salary every month. Not everyone has it in them or wants it to work as an entrepreneur.

But if you want freedom in your life, you will have to make choices. Then there are great ways to become an online entrepreneur that give you the freedom you want.
And the richest Dutch are entrepreneurs

There are people who are skeptical about making money on the internet. You will no doubt have them around you. But with these 6 options I want to show you that it is possible. I want to kindle a fire in you if you long for it.

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